Podcast: On Being and Artist and an Astronomer

Nia Imara, postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astronphysics, talks with Nancy Alima Ali about the intersections of astronomy and art. Topics discussed include using light to see star-forming regions in giant molecular clouds, how being an artist influences … Continue reading


Podcast: Maya Astronomy

In this Cultural Astronomy podcast on 365 Days of Astrononomy, Tzeltal Maya artist and archaeoastronomer Alonso Mendez shares his knowledge about Maya astronomy, including the ground-breaking research he and his collaborators are doing at Palenque. Topics discussed include the importance of Palenque to understanding ancient Maya culture and history, astronomical symbolism and kingship, and astronomical alignments of the Temple of Inscriptions and Temple of the Cross at Palenque.

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Music of the Spheres: Self-Portrait

I had the good fortune last week to spend my Saturday painting with a group of teenage girls and astronomers. After exploring a variety of different astronomical images, we sat down to canvases and acrylic paints to create self-portraits based … Continue reading