Resource Guide: Mauna Kea & TMT

As someone who lived in Hawaii for over a decade, working with both the Native Hawaiian and astronomy communities, as someone who specializes in cultural astronomy (including teaching a credit class to Windward Community College students in Hawaii), as someone … Continue reading


Pipeline Parallels – Science & Religion

The Facebook post, “This is one of those events you probably don’t want to miss,” caught my attention. This notice on the East Bay Meditation Center’s Facebook page let people know that Larry Yang, Buddhist meditation teacher, would be speaking about the Development of Spiritual Leadership at the weekly People of Color (POC) meditation sitting group. What surprised me the most about Larry’s talk is how his perspective about increasing diversity in Buddhist leadership paralleled the challenges of increasing diversity in scientific fields such as physics.

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Dear Solar System, Thanks for the Water

Yesterday was an interesting day for space rocks: Not only was there an asteroid that passed by the Earth at close range, but there was also a meteorite that blasted down in Russia. (Asteroids and meteors are both chunks of … Continue reading