Podcast: Agriculture, Ecology, Awe and the Cesar Chavez Solar Calendar

Santiago Casal, founder and project director of the César Chávez Solar Calendar talks with Nancy Alima Ali from UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Lab about the connections between agriculture and solar calendars. Topics discussed include solar alignment sites from around the … Continue reading


Podcast: Native Skywatchers

In this conversation with Annette Lee, Associate Professor of Astronomy and Physics at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, we will explore how astronomical and cultural knowledge is embedded in sky stories. An artist-scientist of Native American ancestry, Lee’s interdisciplinary … Continue reading


Podcast: Solstice Edition

Explores the astronomical meaning and cultural connections of the winter solstice, including relationship between solstice and length of day, importance to agriculture, symbolic associations with death, divine rulers, and renewal. Discusses winter solstice connections at Cesar Chavez solar calendar, Stonehenge, … Continue reading


The Sky: Our Local Space Representative

“Whatever we do, wherever we go, whatever happens on this crowded surface of interactions constituting our world, there is also the sky. The sky is a familiar – we might even say ‘local’ – representative of space.”

I love this quote from Tarthang Tulku (a Tibetan Buddhist teacher) because it simultaneously puts things in perspective and makes me chuckle. The perspective comes from the reminder that there are things, such as the sky, that are much greater than my personal problems. The chuckle comes from a visual image that popped into my head the first time I read these words. For some reason, my brain zeroed in on the phrase “local representative” and I immediately got a picture of The Sky running for a seat on the U.S. Congress. Just imagine The Sky on the campaign trail…

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